Experience is the foundation of our business. All decisions and recommendations to clients must be made not only on the basis of a deep understanding of the industry but also with complete comprehension of different sectors of the economy and their dynamics.

In the two decades since Makindo was founded, we have been a leading participant in all stages of the development of Indonesia's capital market. Our accumulated depth of knowledge comes from this extensive involvement and the experience of our professionals. Our broad exposure to the intricacies of modern international finance and our intimate knowledge and understanding of the Indonesian capital market greatly adds value to Makindo's overall insight.

At Makindo, every time we provide advice to a client, we pass them the benefit of our long participation in the capital market and our in-depth understanding of how it works.


SEMAR- respected for his wisdom and EXPERIENCE.
Makindo has dedicated more than two decades to fulfilling the dual responsibility of serving clients with our accumulated knowledge and expertise, while at the same time using our experience to nurture a young and growing industry.