PT Makindo is Indonesia's premier independent investment bank, providing a full range of quality services in securities trading, research, financial and investment advisory, underwriting and corporate finance.
Founded in 1973 by Surojo Jusuf, we have enjoyed a continuos record of success. For more than two decades, we have provided domestic and international investors with superior service, founded on values that are pivotal to our business:
Integrity;Trust; Commitment; Professionalism; Leadership; and Experience.
These values form the cornerstone of Indonesia's dynamic capital market industry and have given Makindo an unrivaled position in the Indonesian Capital Market. Today, our capital market, as well as investment banking services, are equally recognised and sought after. We have consistently been ranked as the top securities trader since 1989 and as an underwriter, we have one of the most impressive portfolios of capital raising deals, whether through debt or equity financing.