The ability to lead in the fast paced Indonesian capital market ensures optimal results and maximum flexibility in anticipating opportunities.

Makindo is a pioneer in the business and we are certain at remaining at the forefront of the Indonesian capital market.

As Indonesia's top investment bank, our leadership demands that we strive to provide total and comprehensive solutions to meet our clients' capital financing needs. At Makindo, innovation is the key to meeting these needs.

Since our establishment, we have actively lead the development and introduction of new financing products and options. We were the first to introduce new debt instruments such as the Rupiah denominated convertible bond to Indonesia. We were also the first to introduce the concept of settlement banks, making securities transactions more efficient for both local and overseas clients, and we expect to continue taking the initiative by bringing new ideas and products to the industry in the years to come.

Makindo's ability to recognise and seize opportunities reflects our underlying strength and confidence to achieve optimum results for our clients and to contribute to the Indonesian capital market as a whole.

KRESNA- a born leader of both gods and mortals.
Likewise, Makindo typifies the LEADERSHIP that has brought new standards of excellence and have contributed towards the development of Indonesia's capital market.