Capital Market Division

As a founding member of the Jakarta Stock Exchange, securities trading has been our core business since 1977.

We excel in this business and continually set new standards for securities trading in Indonesia. This is demonstrated by our consistent ranking as the top securities trader in Indonesia since 1989. In fact, we consistently account for a large portion of the volume and value transacted on the Jakarta Stock Exchange.

As an independent brokerage house, we provide a totally impartial perspective to our clients, giving them sound advice on making the best transaction decisions. Today, our clients include local and international institutional investors as well as high net worth individuals who value our personalized and professional service.

Just as our securities trading operations have gained a reputation for customer focus, so too have our back office support in terms of administration and settlement. We have in place one of the most efficient systems and staff which provide customers with accurate transaction records and timely settlements.

Investment Banking Division

We also have a successful track record in corporate finance services. By broadening our capabilities in this area, and building up a solid experience base, we are able to advise on a wide range of financial projects.

Underwriting of equity and debt offerings is the core component of our investment banking services. In equity offerings, Makindo has lead managed or co-managed the underwriting of the initial public offerings from some of Indonesian most reputable companies. These include PT Barito Pacific Timber, Indonesia's first and largest timber company to be listed in Indonesia; PT Bimantara Citra, one of Indonesia's leading conglomerates; and PT Telkom the state owned telecommunications company. Beyond initial public offerings, we also undertake secondary offerings as a reflection of our continued commitment to our clients. An example of this was the secondary placement of 388 million shares for PT Telkom, valued at Rp 1.4 trillion.

In debt financing, we have a demonstrated ability through our involvement in the launch and marketing of numerous large sized fixed income bonds. Since 1995, we have underwritten over Rp 3.1 trillion in bonds on behalf of both the Indonesian public and private sectors. We are also the first to introduce the Rupiah denominated convertible bond and exchangeable bond to the Indonesian capital market.

We also provide expert advise on corporate and financial restructuring as well as mergers and acquisitions that aim at helping our clients consolidate for sustained growth.

We are committed to helping clients find the right solutions to their capital financing needs. An added dimension to this is our ability to use fixed income products such as bonds and commercial paper to structure highly specific debt financing for our clients.

Through our domestic leadership and our international reputation, we have built an extensive network of domestic and international investors with whom we have long standing relations. This network has been fundamental to the success of our corporate finance services. Through this network, we provide an unrivaled ability for fund placement in high potential companies and sectors through direct investments, share placements and venture capital.

Research Division

At Makindo, we recognise that in the volatile capital market, accurate, timely and reliable information is power.

For this reason, we have built a highly respected research department dedicated to supporting and adding value to our services.

Research is undertaken by a team of highly competent professionals who collectively have deep experience in all facets of financial analysis. These professionals are drawn from both local and established financial markets overseas.

However, our researchers are armed with more than just experience. Being on the ground in Indonesia, they possess an intimate knowledge of the Indonesian market and maintain regular contact with the senior management of most of the listed companies. This translates into accurate, first hand knowledge about these companies, as well as their plans and strategies for growth.

This knowledge allows us to generate timely and perceptive research reports on companies and industry sectors, providing vital information that help investors reduce their risks and enhance their returns.

Fund Management

As Indonesia's premier financial advisory company, Makindo also has a long term objective to help grow the Indonesian economy and increase the wealth of Indonesians by maximising their investment returns.

One of the initiatives we have undertaken to achieve this is to expand into fund management. Through our subsidiary, PT Intru Nusantara, we were one of the first private companies licensed for fund management in Indonesian.

Since 1977, we have managed the Garuda Satu mutual fund, an open-ended fund designed to allow Indonesian retail investors to benefit from the country's growth. By enlarging the base of retail investors, Garuda Satu will help further enhance market liquidity in the future.


In investment banking, the quality of marketing is defined by the ability to profitably connect investors with opportunities. At Makindo, our marketing efforts are underscored by extensive relationships with domestic and foreign investors in all of the world's major financial centres. Our long standing relationships with these investors have been built on mutual trust and confidence. As a result, we have attained a high level of success in terms of raising capital for our clients as well as pinpointing exceptional investment opportunities for our network of fund managers, pension fund managers, institutional investors and high net worth individuals.

State-of-the-Art Technology

To function optimally at all times, we are committed to invest in technology, and to the ongoing enhancement of our IT infrastructure.

Today, we benefit from having one of the most advanced information technology systems in the industry. This if fully integrated to provide accurate and timely information to all of our operations.

Our IT infrastructure is characterised by extensive office automation, including internal electronic mail system; real time financial databases; a computerised library system; and advanced fund management applications. All of these are geared towards supporting the imminent growth of Indonesia's retail investment market.

Management & Human Resources

A sound management team is the hallmark of a sound company. We pride ourselves in having an exceptionally strong professional management team that is focused on growth and development.

Each division is headed by experts who have many years of experience in both the local and international financial markets, with established background in securities trading, research, corporate finance and financial advisory. Additionally, their exposure to the world's capital markets have helped them to establish an intricate international network that includes investors, regulatory bodies, prominent industrialists and academics.

Our management team is supported by highly trained professionals who have extensive experience in all aspects of the capital market and an intimate knowledge of the Indonesian market. Drawn from both the local industry and major financial centres overseas, they bring a wealth of skills in financial advisory, research and analysis, strategic planning and execution.

Together, our management and professional staff represent a vital asset for Makindo. Together, they share a single version to develop Makindo into a truly world class organisation by delivering the best service to clients no matter where they are located and to do so with the highest standards of professionalism and integrity.

The Future for Makindo

Our future is set against a landscape that is rich with opportunities. Indonesia will require substantial amounts of capital to fuel and sustain economic growth. The effective harnessing and channeling of resources from the retail investment community will be instrumental in achieving sustained growth of the capital market.

This sets the stage for a number of important strategic developments at Makindo.

The first of these is the expansion of our investment banking activities through the broadening and strengthening of our equity-based product and service offerings. This will allow us to undertake an extensive range of investment banking activities that include financial advisory, initial public offerings and rights issues, financial restructuring, privatisation, private placements, strategic deals, direct investments and mergers & acquisitions.

Secondly, we will consolidate our fixed income business to provide our customers with alternative sources of funding through debt instruments that include commercial paper, short and medium term notes, as well as bonds such as fixed income bonds, convertible bonds and exchangeable bonds.

Thirdly, we will commit to developing a solid infrastructure on which to grow Indonesia's retail investment sector. We have already launched the highly successful Geared Satu mutual fund, the first in a family of Makindo-sponsored funds designed to help Indonesians build their asset base.

Finally, we aim to undertake strategic developments through prudent venture capital investments in enterprises where we can benefit from synergy and add value to our own established core business.

The successful development of these strategies will provide Makindo with a strong and sustainable long term revenue base that is driven by opportunities available in the Indonesian community.

For the future, we stand firm in our resolve to continue growing our business through a combination of foresight, an enterprising spirit, and the values that have contributed to our success — integrity, trust, commitment,professionalism, leadership, and experience.